Off-the-shelf Applications
Off-the-shelf Applications

Event Management with Mobile App

Event Management | Tickets


Event Management with Mobile App

Creating events, managing tickets and entrance management made simple

Planning and hosting an event would be a nightmare when you think about the complexity and the multiple tasks involved in organising your event. With DEUEL’s solution your struggle can be managed effectively from planning the event up until managing the event on the event day.

With the DEUEL’s Off-the-shelf Event Management Application you can have your own event management application deployed and ready to serve within a fraction of time period and guess what this site will be yours and you may have unlimited events and plans in your site.

The System is built in a manner where single person can handle the entire process, in the Backend system an Admin will create the event/ events and assign tickets and publish the event to frontend with the a simple click.

Customer can request a standard template or a specific design for their front-end where the end user will buy or book an event, with the optional payment gateway.

Entrance management or event participant authentication can be done by mobile application, which can be installed in a smart-phone or in a tab, which is ideal during the event of yours.

My event is different... I need something unique.No Problem!
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Event Management with Mobile App by DEUEL
  Multiple & Unlimited Events
  Multiple & Unlimited Ticket Types
  Interactive Booking
  Payment Gateways
  Point of Sale option
  Online & Offline ticket issuance
  Entrance Management (Mobile App)
  Ticket Authentication (Mobile App)
  Admin Controlled Backend
  And Much more...
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