Off-the-shelf Applications
Off-the-shelf Applications


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Tailored E-commerce application for all entrepreneur with unlimited categories, products & payment gateways

Why off-the-shelf application? why not word-press or any other free e-commerce platforms? If this is the question you are having, then the answer from us is... though they say its free when you are to develop it you may end-up paying for developer, plug-ins and upgrades and you may have many restrictions when scale-up your business.

DEUEL's Off-the-shelf E-commerce application, tries to break those bonds that you should not have when you do a e-commerce business. We believe that every e-commerce entrepreneur must have all minimal tool to run his/ her business.

The System is built in a manner where single person can handle the entire process, in the Backend system an Admin will create manage all the products and categories along with other functionality.

Customer can request a standard template or a specific design for their front-end shop where the end user will buy products with any required payment gateway. Since the business-logic is totally separated from frontend-shop you may change your design whenever you need to.

Thanks to the unlimited concept, there is no limit for any functionality available in the system. We are always ready to help you with your venture and keep in mind we are just a e-mail away.

My E-commerce sector is different... I need something unique.No Problem!
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e-commerce off-the-shelf app by DEUEL
  Dedicated Shop front system
  Dedicated Backend-Admin system
  Unlimited Categories
  Unlimited Products
  Multiple User Management
  Order Management
  Invoicing System
  Delivery Tracking
  Discounts & Coupons
  And Much more...
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