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Content Management Systems


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Drupal is a modular based CMS & extremely lean basic installation, can be extended with modules.

Drupal has been the most complex content management system since its introduction, it is so powerful that it is considered as a developing platform rather than a CMS tool.

Drupal has stylish set of theme ready for you, start selecting the most suitable one for the business and just continue your dream.

Drupal has the most advances content creation, it allows the users to manage video, online poling, pod casts and make real time statistic.

Advanced administration control is also considered as a fabulous feature of Drupal, it allows the administrator to monitor all the users and to assign different roles for everyone.

Drupal also has the ability organise the content so that the users will not find any difficulties searching for content. Drupal also has more than 7000 plugin, so with Drupal and the extensions we can make your dream come true.

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