Off-the-shelf Applications
Off-the-shelf Applications

Content Management

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Content Management

An application which can be tailored for news or blog or educational websites.

Are you passionate about publishing your own experiences or write something interesting or simply tell your stories with videos (VLOGS)? This product is specially developed for you!

With modern technologies and tools such as DEUEL's content management system software you do not require a huge infrastructure or resources to publish your content to your audiences, all you need is your passion and your PC!

In the modern internet world most of the content writers such as Blog and Vlog creators are earning tens of thousands of dollars in the comfort of their own space, all this comfort will be a nightmare if you do not have a proper tool to manage your content.

You may be a independent journalist or a blogger or content writer or just wanted to share your experience and knowledge with the rest of the word, we got you covered with any types of content.

As all other DUELE's solutions, the Content Management Applications are SEO friendly and multiple layers of security enabled, hence you do not worry about the website traffic or the vulnerability of your content.

"My Appointment Booking sector is different... I need something unique!" -- No Problem!
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Content Management off-the-shelf app by DEUEL
  Dedicated Frontend system
  Dedicated Backend-Admin system
  Unlimited Post Categories
  Unlimited Posts
  Multiple User Management
  Subscription Management
  SEO Optimised Posts
  Rich Text Editors
  And Much more...
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