Off-the-shelf Applications
Off-the-shelf Applications

Appointment Bookings

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Appointment Bookings

For any industry requires an appointment or a token management system.

We all know that we get really upset when waiting in the queue, or when the Doctor miss the appointment, well we have a wonderful and simplest, robust solution to meet your requirements.

With the cloud integration DEUEL's Off-the-shelf appointment booking application, developed in a way considering all the possibilities of the Token or Appointment booking system, to serve the individual application's requirements.

The System is built in a manner where single person can handle the entire process, in the Backend system an Admin will create manage all the services and appointments along with other functionality.

With our separable backend and frontend system, you can give a maximum user experience for your clients with scheduled changes in GUI. Thus operational wise your service for the client will be improved.

The solution is very versatile, it can be used in many industry such as in a Queue/ Token management, Doctors Appointments system, Hotel, Theaters, Instructor time management, Swimming pool and etc...

My Appointment Booking sector is different... I need something unique.No Problem!
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